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Ferraz Shawmut is now Mersen, expanding your ability to access one provider for total solutions in the safe, reliable transmission, distribution, and control of electrical power

Helping You Become the Expert in Your Market
The electrical protection landscaped has changed, confronting you with challenges that go far beyond the fuse box. Emerging markets, new technologies, solar and wind power — they’re all part of a growing electrical category that reaches into energy, transportation, chemical/pharmaceutical, power electronics, and process industries.

And Mersen goes with you, helping you become the expert in your market to protect people and equipment, reduce costs and downtime, increase global capacity, and develop innovative solutions to increase your competitive advantage.

Tap into the Power of Mersen
Their strength becomes your strength. A global leader with more than a century of experience, Mersen brings you more expertise, experience and capacity than any other resource.

  • Mersen delivers thousands of products and solutions to your door
  • Industry-leading expertise in research, design and applications support
  • Global reach with products that meet every major standard around the globe and locations & logistics capacity to support your operation throughout the world.
  • History with more than 125 years of experience in electrical protection
  • Top-rated technical services and customer services support

Product Solutions for Improving the Safety & Reliability of Electrical Power

  • Overcurrent Protection - Fuses & fuse gear, fuse blocks & holders, power distribution blocks, and disconnect switches
  • Surge Protection - Modular, pluggable, and type 1 surge protection devices (SPDs), patented TPMOV Technology, VSP MOV fuses, and surge switches
  • Cooling of Power Electronics - Air and liquid cooled heatsinks, cold plates and boxes, heat pipes, and cooling systems.
  • High Current Switching & Power Transfer - High power disconnect switches and low voltage contactors used to redirect heavy current flow.
  • Power Transfer for Rail Vehicles - Current collectors for trains, trams and railways.


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Technical Articles

Effect of Electrode Orientation in Arc Flash Testing (Electrical Distribution and Protection) The arc flash hazard calculation method proposed in IEEE 1584 is based on tests with the arcing electrodes in a vertical plane and the calorimeters arranged at 90┬░ to this plane. In this paper the... (View Full Article)
Effects of Harmonic Currents on Semiconductor Fuse Ratings (Electrical Distribution and Protection) In power electronic applications, proximity and skin effects cause an increase in the resistance of fuse elements and possible unequal sharing of the total current between multiple parallel elements. (View Full Article)