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Category: Awnings and Canopies
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Why Add A Mezzanine Floor?

Cubic Designs, Inc.Adding steel mezzanine floors to your warehouse or manufacturing facility can double or triple your existing space at a fraction of the cost of constructing or leasing additional warehouse space. Mezzanine floor installation increases your warehouse space without incurring extra energy costs, property taxes or insurance premiums while streamlining logistics and improving communications by keeping everything in one building. For these reasons and more, steel mezzanine installation is your company’s best expansion plan.

A Cubic Designs mezzanine or equipment platform comes with a lifetime mezzanine warranty and will meet or exceed all building code requirements. Because mezzanine floors are not technically part of the building, they are eligible for accelerated tax depreciation compared to new construction.

For environmentally conscious companies, mezzanine equipment platforms are a perfect solution because they help you to better utilize the space you already have, saving resources and energy costs. Mezzanines can also be disassembled and installed in other locations if your company ever moves or needs to increase space somewhere else.


Cubic Designs, Inc.Why A Cubic Designs Mezzanine?

When Cubic Designs performs your mezzanine design and installation, they will travel to your facility to perform exact measurements, making sure your custom mezzanine is a perfect fit for your space. With their on-staff professional engineers, obtaining a PE stamp for your structural mezzanine or equipment platform is a streamlined process. In house engineering and metal fabrication capabilities give Cubic Designs greater ability to connect your mezzanine with walkways, catwalks, safety gates and other structural enhancements. Their mezzanine industry leading design and manufacturing standards, along with their unique powder coat paint process make Cubic Designs mezzanine floors look better and last longer than any other steel mezzanines on the market, period.

Mezzanines can:

  • Offset rising space costs
  • Save new construction costs
  • Eliminate leased space
  • Provide an affordable solution that utilizes cube
  • Double or triple your existing space
  • Save land acquisition costs
  • Improve inventory management
  • Save energy costs
  • Qualify for accelerated tax depreciation
  • Create more space without expanding
  • Be customized to fit your exact needs
  • Expand to meet growth needs
  • Be disassembled and relocated easily
  • Save insurance premiums
  • Save property taxes
  • Streamline logistics
  • Improve communications
  • Reduce building maintenance
  • Be used in warehouse spaces

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