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Category: Liquid Level Sensors
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At Micronics Ltd we specialise in the design and manufacture of “Transit Time” ultrasonic clamp on non-invasive liquid flow meters.  This means NO interruption to process and NO down time whilst the units are installed or serviced.

Using Transit Time and Doppler technology which utilize clamp-on transducers, we have a wide range of portableand fixed flow meters to suit almost any liquid flow requirement.  Combine one of our flow meters with a Heat Calculatorand you have an Energy Meter that will help control your energy costs.

From process control with the Portaflow D550 portable Doppler flow meter, to water management using the Ultraflo 3000 ultrasonic Transit Time flow meter, our extensive range of products cover a wide spectrum of flow monitoring applications in many industries. Let our experienced instrumentation team help you find the best fixed clamp on flow meter or portable liquid measurement instrument solution.

Our dedication to the development of the innovative range of Transit Time flow meters is equal to the emphasis we place on customer service and support. If you need a Flow Meter, Micronics or one of our international distributors can provide the solution.

Whether you require the UFD5000, a fixed measurement instrument for contaminated liquid monitoring, a portable flow monitor like the PF220that can be used for deionised water measurement or a portable flow meter for raw water, we have a system that will fit the bill.

Combined with our real time flow analysis PortaGraphTM II software for the Transit Time product range or our Logger Software for the Doppler flow meter product range, you can quickly access your flow profiles and generate valuable reports with minimum hassle.


The Micronics U3000 series - Clamp-On, Non-Invasive and Cost Effective

For more information on Clamp-On Flow Meters/Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meters please contact us on +44 (0)1628 810456

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