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Mixer Direct MixerDirect is founded on the idea that you can size and select your own mixing equipment. Here you can sort through one of the largest lines of mixers, impellers, containers and accessories in the industry — 250 different mixer designs and over 1,000 products — we can even rapidly customize a mixer for you.

Welcome to MixerDirect, a leading supplier of mixing and liquid processing equipment. Whether you’ve visited us before, or this is your first time, you’ll find doing business with us is summed up in one word: Simple.

From figuring out what your application demands to getting your product quickly in your hands, MixerDirect constantly is striving to make the entire process simple. Our customers are coordinating an enormous number of projects and we are passionate about helping them solve their mixing needs simply and effectively.

Why do our customers trust MixerDirect?

Options: We have one of the largest product offerings in the world of chemical agitation.
Convenience: We can ship almost any of our mixers to you in a day or two.
Quality: Each mixer that leaves our facility has undergone final acceptance testing and our mixing experts are available to assure your complete satisfaction with every product, every time.
Customer Experience: This is our top priority, we want the customer 100% satisfied not just with the product, but with each step of the process.


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