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Category: Face Shields
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Through more than 50 years of business, Moffatt has perfected task lighting as well as the flexible “gooseneck” arm used to mount the lights. Moffatt also offers custom designed, finished flexarm assemblies for lighting and countless other applications. They have recently added polycarbonate safety shields to the product line. Customers can meet their OSHA and ANSI safety needs with the Moffatt Flexi-Shields, available in either flat or concave designs. Additionally, magnification products are available either as shade mount accessories for the Moffatt Multi-lamps or mounted to flexible arms of various lengths and mounting base types. They are confident their flexible arms are the best available and new customers are pleasantly surprised with their quality, strength and durability.

Customer satisfaction is more than a business goal at Moffatt Products. It is a business reality. The people at Moffatt know a reputation for dependability and credibility cannot be manufactured, so they earn that reputation every day with efficiency, precision and the best product on the market. The industrial distributors that know their name associate Moffatt Products with reliability and good customer service.

At Moffatt, they take pride in knowing their customers and their industries well. Because Moffatt serves a very diverse customer base, they are confident they have the experience and ingenuity necessary to advise the customer on their specific application. The president, Dave Moffatt, is also an engineer and designer. He works directly with new product inquiries and will work with the customer to design the best product for their needs.

Customization is standard at Moffatt Products. Whether it is in the length and color of the arm, special wiring options or foreign plugs, lighting accessories or the application of the customer's logo, Moffatt will work to the customer's specifications. From a “standard” order to a “customized” order using standard components to complete customization, Moffatt can usually have a tailored sample in the customer's hands by the next business day. Moffatt's unique process minimizes order delays and they ensure their shipments to arrive on time.

“Customers and tradeshow attendees are almost shocked the first time they test out one of our gooseneck flexarms. I know what’s next. ‘That’s really strong,’ they say, ‘I could do a lot with a flexible gooseneck like this.’”
              – Dave Moffatt, President

Moffatt products, a simple product perfected. Looking forward to serving all your task lighting, shielding, magnification and flexarm needs.

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