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Category: Spring Winding Services
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Compression Springs

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Springs & Canted Coils

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Mohawk Spring has been manufacturing high-quality, precision compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, garter springs, and wire forms since its inception in 1960. They are integral components to a range of products including jet aircraft, missiles, space vehicles, computer technology equipment, home appliances, automotive parts, earth moving machinery, and home and office electronic products. Mohawk Spring uses the latest CNC coiling technology to improve throughput and reduce costs. Mohawk’s dedication to delivering the best total service, engineering team, and skilled technicians allows customers to rely on them to provide design assistance, prototype and supply products that meet or exceed their requirements.

Quality Control
As industrial requirements become more complicated, more accurate testing equipment is required to ensure compliance with customer specifications. Our experienced quality control team, along with modern testing equipment and the newest manufacturing systems, result in high quality springs and related products.

Engineering Assistance
Engineers skilled in spring design, industrial engineering, material selection, and corrosion finishes help you solve new product challenges. Knowledge of the latest materials could make the difference in how your product performs. Time spent with our engineers in the developmental stages of your product could save your company otherwise costly delays in production.

One spring or ten million... Each quote and order receives prompt, personal attention.

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