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Category: Stroboscope Instruments
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Monarch Instrument

Monarch International, Inc. was founded in 1977 as a sales and service organization for a diverse range of instrumentation. In 1982, the Monarch Instrument Division was established to manufacture and market the first microprocessor based portable tachometers.

With the addition of new models of tachometers and the introduction of the Nova-Strobe Series of portable stroboscopes in 1990, Monarch rapidly became the worlds’ largest supplier of rotational speed measuring instrumentation and stroboscopic inspection equipment.

In 1992, Monarch introduced the DataChartTM Paperless Recorder. Today, they offer a wide range of technical capabilities and competitive pricing throughout the DataChartTM product line to include color touchscreens and multi-channel recorders.

Monarch Instrument“Innovation in Instrumentation” is the Monarch design philosophy and in recent years they have introduced state-of-the-art products:

  • Pocket Laser Tachometer
  • Nova-Strobe dbx Stroboscope
  • Examiner 1000 Vibration Meter
  • DataChartTM 6000 Paperless Recorder

Monarch Instrument remains committed to innovations and quality in sales, customer service and manufacturing. Their full service sales force and world-wide distribution network stands ready to answer purchase and applications questions Please feel free to contact Monarch via their toll free number, website, e-mail, fax or surface mail. They offer a comprehensive line of precision products and calibration services, all with the convenience of the Internet.

Monarch Instrument

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