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Category: Crossed Roller Slides
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  These linear actuators use non-commuted motors. This feature increases reliability and accuracy. The direct coupling of the motor to the load allows for fast acceleration / deceleration and high speed operation. MotiCont
  Voice coil driven stages are ideal for extreme accuracy, high acceleration/deceleration and high speed operation. MotiCont
  Wide range of sizes and styles of voice coil motors from miniature to over 5 inches (130 mm) stroke. MotiCont
  Complete line of drivers and motion controllers from single module level to total package solutions. MotiCont
MotiCont is a designer and manufacturer of precision positioning systems, linear motors and motion products. The company's product line includes voice coil motors, three phase brushless motors and positioning stages and slides. All products are available for immediate worldwide shipment.

MotiCont is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. The proximity of MotiCont to both the major airport and seaport facilities of Southern California makes service to international customers very expedient without any freight forwarding or time consuming difficulties. MotiCont generally sells direct or through distribution partners, depending on the product in question. Please contact us to establish how best we can supply your needs.

The management and employees of MotiCont are committed to meeting or exceeding our customers' quality expectations and industry standards throughout the design, manufacturing, service and technical support phases. We will continuously improve our methods and the quality of our products and services through innovation, research and development, ongoing review, training, maintenance of a safe workplace, and the treatment of all with respect and dignity.

Part of MotiCont's competitive advantage is its state-of-the-art in-house manufacturing facility in North America combined with offshore manufacturing capabilities. Highly controlled processes, committed staff and extensive testing complement our product design strengths. This enables MotiCont to supply the most demanding of clients, from specialized small orders to high volume just-in-time deliveries.

MotiCont has an extensive family of standard products, in a variety of styles, offering various functions ready to be shipped immediately from stock. Where standard products are not quite right for your application, a competent staff of highly trained design engineers is always available to develop custom motion control products to be manufactured to any size or configuration. The engineers also work with the customers' design staff to complete or augment any design already in process. We also build complete value-added sub-assemblies with many levels of complexity.

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