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Category: Globe Valves
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In the Beginning

Mueller Steam SpecialtyBeginning in New York City as a small specialty manufacturer servicing the valve industry, Mueller Steam Specialty incorporated in 1956 to start manufacturing pipeline strainers. Since then, the company and its product offering have expanded dramatically. The company moved to North Carolina in 1972 and due to its continued growth, moved again in 1992 to a new and larger facility in St. Pauls, North Carolina. There are now over 300,000 square feet of ISO 9001:2000 registered manufacturing space devoted to Mueller’s various product lines. In addition to a full range of pipeline and specialty strainers, the company now manufactures a broad offering of check valves and butterfly valves.

Mueller Joins the Watts Family

In December 2005, Mueller became a part of the Watts Water Technologies, Inc. family of companies. The resources and support that Watts has added to Mueller have enabled the company to consolidate previous efforts while at the same time plan for future growth and expansion in products and services.

Mueller Today

Today, Mueller Steam Specialty is the world’s largest supplier of strainers and the number one provider of specialty products serving the valve industry. While the company has seen many changes, the dedication to quality, service and delivery remains the same. As always, Mueller Steam Specialty brand strainers and valves will continue to be the premier products of their kind in the marketplace.

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