Munters Air Treatment Division

Munters is a global leader in energy efficient air treatment solutions based on expertise in humidity and climate control technologies. Munters Air Treatment Division has four product areas for comfort, process and environmental applications.

Munters supplies humidity and temperature control solutions for commercial, industrial and residential solutions. Their dehumidification systems offer such benefits as maximizing performance and productivity while minimizing energy consumption to increasing IAQ while decreasing building maintenance costs.
energy recovery
Energy Recovery
Munters energy recovery products utilize the innovative technologies of Des Champs heat exchangers for decreased energy and operation costs, available in the most complete line of custom and standard products.

Indirect Heating & Cooling
Indirect heating recovers heat from energy-consuming processes to be utilized for heating, process make-up air and pre-heat combustion air applications. Indirect evaporative cooling technology supplies energy efficient summer cooling utilizing 50% less energy without adding moisture to the air stream.

VOC Abatement
Munters is the only facility in the world that controls all aspects of rotor concentrator system manufacturing, including the HoneyCombe® rotor structure and assembly of complete VOC Abatement systems.  Systems are available in multiple configurations to provide extreme flexibility to treat various process conditions. 

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