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Category: Board Mount Transformers
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Headquartered in Mansfield, Massachusetts, USA, Murata Power Solutions is a market leading supplier of DC/DC converters, AC/DC power supplies, magnetics, digital panel meters, and data acquisition components, with six engineering design centers and eight manufacturing facilities and partners worldwide. Murata Power Solutions was established in September 2007 when Murata Manufacturing Corporation acquired the Power Electronics Division of C&D Technologies.

The company's DC/DC converter product line includes a complete range of high performance isolated board mount power and non-isolated point-of-loads as well as non-isolated dc-dc converters for processor and memory applications. Standard and custom AC/DC products include high efficiency and high power density front end modules for distributed power architectures and industry-standard open frame, u-channel, and CompactPCI power solutions. Murata Power Solutions also offers a broad range of magnetics for power line filtering, isolation, and EMC applications including inductors, common-mode chokes, and pulse and current sense transformers.

For more than 35 years, the DATEL offering of digital panel meters has been recognized as the industry's most versatile and well-designed meters for a variety of applications. In addition to a data acquisition product line of sampling A/D converters, image processors, and sample-hold amplifiers, Murata Power Solutions also offers modified standard and custom products to meet the applications requirements of imaging, medical, scientific, and other high-reliability industries.

Murata Power Solutions maintains active memberships in various industry organizations as part of its continued commitment to providing customers with innovative quality products. Memberships include DOSA (Distributed-power Open Standards Alliance), PSMA (Power Sources Manufacturers Association), EPSMA (European Power Supply Manufacturers Association) and CSCI (Climate Savers Computing Initiative).

Today, various technologies are requiring energy-efficient systems and higher performance in a smaller package. Murata Power Solutions meets and exceeds industry-standard efficiency specifications for both AC/DC and DC/DC power. Using fully integrated component structures, low-profile packaging, and fast response topologies, Murata Power Solutions offers a wide range of functionality and power-dense products.

With exceptional global sourcing, supply chain management, and customer support, Murata Power Solutions offers a higher operational proposition to meet the total procurement needs of today's customers.

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