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Category: Conductivity and Resistivity Meters
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Since 1957, the Myron L Company has established itself as the leading manufacturer of high quality, simple to operate, yet low cost, water quality instrumentation for municipal, commercial and industrial water quality control, chemical concentration testing and process control.

Prior to developing water quality products, the Myron L Company developed and patented a variety of specialty items for university studies and projects, for the space industry and for industrial use. 50 years later, some are still in use today.

Products Include:

  • Handheld and In-line Monitor / Controllers:
    - Conductivity / Resistivity / TDS
    - PH/ORP
  • Handheld Instruments for Conductometric Titrations
    -Alkalinity / Hardness / LSI (Saturation Index)
  • LSI Calculators
  • Bluetooth wireless data transfer
  • NIST Calibration Solutions and Buffers
  • Titration Reagents

Myron L instruments are used by professionals worldwide in a variety of applications, including water treatment, metal finishing, agriculture, aquaculture, printing, desalination, process recovery, hemodialysis, electronics manufacturing and environmental protection to name just a few. With direct sales support and their global distributor network, they are able to supply and service water professionals worldwide.

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Technical Articles

FCE™: Groundbreaking Measurement of Free Chlorine Disinfecting Power in a Handheld Instrument (Chemical Sensors) The most popular germicide used in water treatment is chlorine, which kills bacteria by way of its power as an oxidizing agent. Chlorine is used not only as a primary disinfectant at the beginning of... (View Full Article)
pH Tech Tips (.pdf) (Environmental Sensors) The Concentration ratio of hydrogen ions (H+) and hydroxyl ions (OH-) determine the pH value of a solution. Any hydrogen activity will produce a 59.16 mV/ pH unit across the glass membrane. The... (View Full Article)