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Category: Analytical Laboratory Services
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NEI Corporation develops, manufactures and distributes nanotechnology-based materials for a broad range of applications. NEI's nanomaterial products have created significant performance improvements in consumer and industrial products.
Nanomaterial Products Advanced Materials Development Institutional Contract R&D



Formed in 1997, NEI Corporation manufactures and sells nanoscale products, provides materials development services, and performs contract-based R&D for public and private entities. They have created a solid foundation in the emerging field of Nanotechnology driven by an experienced management team and group of world-class scientists. NEI Corporation has built strong manufacturing and R&D infrastructure. Their impressive portfolio of intellectual property, which is protected by multiple patents, enables them to provide significant value to their customers. Their nano-engineering based approach makes incorporating nanomaterials into products convenient and easy for their customers.

NEI Corporation's nanoscale products, sold under the brand name of Nanomyte™, have been developed by creating and modifying nanoscale structures. Nanomyte™ products include High Performance Battery Materials, Advanced Protective Coatings, and Anticorrosion Coatings.

Advanced Materials Development Services
NEI Corporation offers product development services in several core areas of expertise. They work with their customers from materials design and testing to full-scale manufacturing and implementation. They have ongoing projects with US and International partners, including Fortune 50 companies.

Contract Research and Development
NEI Corporation currently has programs underway with multiple US Federal Agencies including the United States Department of Defense, Department of Energy, and NASA. In addition, they have funded projects from private non-profit organizations, such as EPRI.

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