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Category: Piezoelectric Ceramics
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Functional Ceramics Product Division

Since 1987, the Functional Ceramics Product Division has been offering high quality electro-ceramic products by applying the high-grade ceramic firing and fine printing technologies accumulated over years of manufacturing ceramic tableware and porcelain products in-house. Over 30 years, through the entire process of procuring raw materials, manufacturing ceramic circuit boards, to printing think film circuits, NIKKO has a proven integrated support system and mass production technologies to supply high-quality, high-density and high-performance products to enhance the performance and miniaturization of electronic devices that are essential to our daily lives.

Challenging the possibility of ceramics

NIKKO's new products include ceramic multilayer circuit boards and ceramic products for industrial applications. NIKKO continues to expand its product portfolio for new and diverse application opportunities with these new products.

Alumina-Zirconia Substrates Used in power module circuit boards and LED lamp circuit boards.

Continuous improvement for high quality

NIKKO focuses on improving quality and manufacturing efficiency through continuous preventive activities and quality improvements.

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Technical Articles

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NIKKO Multi-layer Ceramic Substrates (Carbides, Ceramics and Glass Materials) Ceramic substrates with a multi layer structure made by stacking green sheets in layers and fired to create a solid structure. (View Full Article)