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Category: Linear Motors
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NMB Technologies Corporation, a Minebea Group Company, is a worldwide manufacturer of electro-mechanical components. NMB customers represent the largest OEMs in North America, and in such diverse industries as automotive, medical, industrial, office equipment, personal computers and smart devices, household appliances and others. As a worldwide manufacturer of electro-mechanical components, the NMB brand represents quality, accuracy, efficiency and performance.

NMB is a world leading manufacturer of:

• Miniature Bearings
• Fans and Blowers
• Motors

From the beginning, NMB has believed in creating strong partnerships with our customers. This commitment to our customers is demonstrated by making available local application engineers, knowledgeable direct sales, and partnering with world class distributors and local representatives who know our products and its quality inside out.

At NMB, our commitment to our customers compels us to protect the supply chain, drive cost efficiency, and hold quality to the highest standard. Quality in our people, quality in our services, and quality in our products, continues to be our primary component.

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