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Category: Analytical Laboratory Services
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NanoSafe, Inc. helps organizations manage nanotechnology environmental health and safety (EHS) risks. We support clients throughout industry, state and federal government agencies, and university laboratories by providing third-party testing and verification services, nanoinformatics tools, nanomaterial synthesis and characterization services, nanotechnology safety products, and contract research.

NanoSafe Tested™- Third Party Testing and Verification Services

The NanoSafe Tested™ - program provides clients with independent third-party testing of nanotechnology products. NanoSafe Tested™ products are subjected to defined testing criteria developed from peer-reviewed literature and comparable standardized testing methods. Complete test results are reported privately to the client, and a non-proprietary summary is posted to the NanoTech Register™ for public review.

The NanoSafe 3D Periodic Table (3DPT™) - Nanoinformatics Tools

Developed by NanoSafe, Inc. under contract with the US Air Force, the 3DPT™ is a web-based system for classifying nanomaterials based on elemental composition, shared physico-chemical properties, and the induction of similar toxicological responses or material behaviors. Data curation occurs through a flexible data input matrix. An easy to use output interface facilitates user-defined data queries that enable new understanding of how physico-chemical properties mediate nanoparticle interactions with biological systems and other materials.

Nanomaterial Synthesis and Characterization Services

NanoSafe, Inc. maintains access to a world-class suite of nanoscale characterization instruments. This instrumentation can be used to provide extensive characterization of a broad range of nanoscale materials. Available instruments include: Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM), Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope (ESEM), Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM), Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS), Raman Confocal Microscopes, and UV-VIS spectrophotometers.

Contract Research

Contract research projects are tailored to suit individual client needs and leverage NanoSafe, Inc.'s extensive expertise in sustainable nanotechnology. Past projects have included custom fabrication of metallic nanostructures, development of standard operating procedures for safe handling of nanomaterials, and multi-year efforts integrating experimental design and nanoparticle synthesis/characterization.

Nanotechnology Safety Products

NanoSafe, Inc. researches and develops products for sustainable nanotechnology. We currently offer safety signage for use in nanotechnology laboratories and nanomanufacturing environments.

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