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Category: Industrial Greases
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Nanotech Industrial Solutions is the primary manufacturer of Nano sized particles of Inorganic Fullerene-like Tungsten Disulfide. These revolutionary particles were first created in 1992 by Prof. Reshef Tenne at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. The technology is exclusively licensed to Nanotech Industrial Solutions for commercialization Worldwide. NIS has attracted the best minds in the fields of nano technology, chemistry, and various targeted industry applications like lubricating oils, greases, coatings, metal working fluids, polymers and composites. The recently opened Global Corporate office, commercialization R&D lab, manufacturing, blending and packaging facilities are located in Avenel, NJ.


NIS’s NanoLub® IF-WS2 product range includes Anti-Wear and Anti Friction Oil and Grease Additives for Extreme Pressure Applications as well as Fully Formulated EP Oils, EP Greases and Dry Coatings. NanoLub® is specifically designed for use in different Industrial and Automotive applications such as engines, gear boxes, bearings, compressors and many more. NanoLub® is based on NIS’s award winning, patented platform technology of proprietary super strong tungsten disulfide (WS2) multilayered nano fullerene-like particles.

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"NIS" Completes A Successful 8 Months Field Trial Of Its NanoLub® Diesel Engine Power Generation Oil Additive At A Power Plant In Ecuador. (Industrial Oils and Fluids) Results show a significant increase in the facility's power output, intervals between major maintenance cycles and reduction of unexpected down-times, leading to a successful commercialization of the... (View Full Article)
"Physics Today" Notes NanoLub® Engine Oil Additive, As An Example Of Only 10% Of Entries In The CPI, Which Provide Satisfactory Scientific Evidence For Its Products (Industrial Oils and Fluids) An article published in "Physics Today" uses Nanolub® Engine Oil Additive as an example of one of only 10% of entries in the Nanotechnology Consumer Products Inventory (CPI), which provide... (View Full Article)