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Nelson Fastener Systems is a highly respected family of companies that manufactures high strength critical fasteners and fastening system components worldwide. We consistently develop ground-breaking fastener solutions that are widely used in the Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Energy, Industrial, Marine, and Military markets to improve production efficiencies and resolve complex technical issues.

Our company has been on the cutting edge of critical fasteners for over 100 years – adding value for fellow entrepreneurs. Throughout the world, if high quality, critical fasteners are being used, you will find one of our companies as an established supplier to the industry.

nelsonstudOur rich history began when Ted Nelson invented stud welding in 1939. As a ship builder helping the US's WW II effort, he knew there has to be an easier way to weld fasteners. His process evolved into what is today's leading stud welding manufacturer - Nelson Fastener Systems.

Nelson fastener products can be found all over the world. Some of our most notable jobsites include:

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