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NexTek, Inc., located in Westford, Massachusetts, USA, was founded in 1986 by two engineers as a consulting firm for custom EMC solutions and applications.

In the early 1990s, they changed their focus to standard high volume designs of coaxial lightning protectors and EMI/RFI filters...particularly for the wireless and RF transceiver markets. Serving cutting edge applications in the communications, aviation, high-rel, military, and medical electronic sectors, NexTek's goal is to solve customer EMC challenges with cost-effective, high-quality, high-performance products and service.

NexTek's main focus is two-fold: One is coaxial RF protector design, using gas discharge, quarter-wave and filter technology; while the other is a line of High Current Feedthrough Filters. They offer high standard products to market leaders, and continue to develop products to solve customer problems. They are an engineering-excellence oriented company, with depth of experience in the EMC, RF, and lightning protection field.

NexTek is poised to design and develop the most cost-effective coaxial protector and feedthrough filter solutions, and qualify and fulfill orders with high quality component suppliers and assemblers. They are ISO9001:2008 Certified, and employ extensive testing at incoming, work-in-progress, and final testing. Their production capability scales from low to high volumes, according to product demands. NexTek has the highest quality products, very competitive pricing, and some of the smallest, most rugged products on the market.

The company's main offices are in Westford, with the engineering, sales, and marketing departments. Production of NexTek equipment is in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and chosen international locations.

HPR400 Feedthrough Filter
NexTek, Inc., Fixed Gas Tube Device GPS Surge Protector
PTR High Power Surge Arrestor NexTek, Inc., Fixed Gas Tube Device with F-Connector


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