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Category: DIP Switches
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Established in 1997, Best Group (FBELE) is a leading Chinese manufacturer and trader in electronic components. We can offer high quality products at very competitive prices, as well as the best service, on time delivery, small orders, etc. Our product line is very wide, including buzzer, speaker, terminal block, piezo element, switch, fuse and fuse holder, battery holder, DC micro motors, receiver, microphone, solar cell, telecom connectors, piezo alarm, and mould.

Fast delivery is our principle; our normal delivery times are as follows:
Sample delivery date: 1-3 days. Production delivery time: 7-10 days. New product development: 15-20 days.

Our Company Advantages:
1. Reliable production
2. Famous brand "FBELE" with the best reputation
3. Large production line
4. Effective working team
5. Aggressive pricing
6. Constant new products

Do not hesitate; E-mail us now and you will get your best solution.

Supplier Directory Categories

Audible Alarms
(88 Products)
(87 Products)
Battery Holders
(56 Products)
DC Motors
(52 Products)
DIP Switches
(17 Products)
Fuse Holders
(93 Products)
(184 Products)
Toggle Switches
(105 Products)
Microphone Chips
(22 Products)
USB Connectors
(17 Products)
Solar Panels
(1 Product)
Slide Switches
(21 Products)
Rocker Switches
(192 Products)
Rotary Switches
(60 Products)
Patch Panels
(10 Products)
Serial Hubs
(4 Products)
Network Modems
(8 Products)
Smoke Detectors
(15 Products)
Network Hubs
(2 Products)
Cable Testers
(7 Products)
Terminal Blocks
(209 Products)
(8 Products)
Tool Kits
(3 Products)
Network Cables
(14 Products)
USB Cables
(37 Products)
Cable Assemblies
(88 Products)
Computer Cables
(38 Products)
Video Cameras
(3 Products)
Warning Lights
(11 Products)
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