Norbar Torque Tools, Inc.

Norbar is the world's leading torque specialist with one of the most modern and largest factories devoted exclusively to the design, development and production of torque tightening and measuring equipment.  Norbar is the only torque equipment manufacturer able to offer torque tool and instrument calibration  and  recalibration services to the original factory standard on four continents. The NATA accredited laboratory in Adelaide, South Australia and NVLAP accredited laboratory in Willoughby, Ohio, USA use the same equipment and procedures as the factory's UKAS accredited laboratory. The new SAC-SINGLAS laboratory in Singapore now has the same facilities for Asian customers.

In addition to this, most of Norbar's distributors offer repair, calibration and recalibration services. Several have calibration accreditation by their local standards organizations.  Norbar is owned solely by the descendants of the founder, Bill Brodey, and they remain every bit as passionate about providing customers with high quality, value for money products and services.

The company was established in 1942. The "North Bar Tool Company" (as Norbar was then known) became the first company in Britain to commercially manufacture a torque wrench. The initial demand was driven by the need for the gasket-less cylinder head of the Rolls Royce Merlin engine to be accurately tightened. Bill Brodey and his partner Ernest Thornitt obtained a license to begin manufacturing torque wrenches and Norbar was born.

Since then, Norbar has continued to invest in the very latest design, manufacturing and quality control technology to achieve the highest level of innovation and precision in the field of torque control equipment.

Norbar Torque Tools, Inc.

Norbar Torque Tools, Inc.

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