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Category: Welding and Fabrication Services
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Casting and forging experts: uniquely structured to guarantee your success

Shipping 3000 tons of quality castings per month…delivered worldwide...on time

NEP is the preferred high-quality manufacturer and supplier of steel and iron castings, forgings and assemblies for safety-critical and high-performance applications. A US-based company with more than 25 years of casting and forging experience, NEP serves OEMs worldwide with four wholly-owned entities in China and a quality control process and inspection system second to none. NEP's processes provide for a seamless customer experience while guaranteeing quality, reliability and on-time delivery.

NEP's Unique Business Model

  • Simplify the sourcing process with NEP's organizational structure, onsite project development and logistics teams, and financial strength to efficiently manage your outsource program.

  • Ensure quality
    castings and forgings with NEP's advanced metallurgy and process experience, superior quality assurance program, wholly-owned facilities and dedicated inspectors.

    View our current KPI Quality Report

  • Optimize your resources with NEP's 350+ employee organization and dedicated facilities created to serve you from design to production to delivery.

Core Materials for Castings and Forgings

• Carbon Steel • Stainless Steel • Ductile Iron • Gray Iron
• Malleable Iron • Brass • Aluminum • Bronze • Zinc • Rubber

Size Range: 1 lb to 20,000 lbs
Volume: Low to medium

Call one of our foundry experts and learn how NEP's business model helps you meet your outsource program objectives.

View NEP corporate presentation

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