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Category: Industrial Design Services
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Novation Industries

Novation Industries partners with its customers to provide innovative product design, development and production. The company is agile in its working philosophy. From the office to the manufacturing floor, all facets of the company are designed with flexibility and adaptability in mind. The company encourages innovation in product development practices to employ the latest design solutions and technologies and is embraced throughout its production processes. We prioritize operating a LEAN manufacturing practice and commit to passing the benefits on to our customers, employees and community.

Negating the pass trend to deintegrate, we believe in the benefits of integration. Our uniquely holistic approach offers our customers benefits of vertical integration, including cross-functional design, speed-to-market and single-source accountability.   We are able to work together to develop the best products, in the most efficient manner and bring momentum and cost effectiveness with each step.

Whether you need to outsource all or a portion of your product development process, we have the talent and resources to provide you efficiencies from a single source.  No more having to work with multiple vendors all pointing their fingers at each other.  We take overall responsibility to develop, produce and deliver your product, all while making it unique and marketable.

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Case Study: Sloan Valve Company (Warehousing and Logistics Services) By removing the mold runners, they minimized raw material usage, increased tool throughput and extended tool life. Redesign also eliminated the need for regrind of plastic waste. Sloan realized enough... (View Full Article)
Case Study: Wilson Industries (Engineering Services) Wilton Industries, a contract manufacturer for national leading consumer products companies, approached NOVATION to assist with design and development of a highly engineered All-in-OneTM screwdriver. (View Full Article)