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Category: Military (MIL-SPEC) Connectors
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- Trained on our vast library of engineering resources.

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Quality Management
ODU pursues a consistent quality strategy that encompasses all stages of the development and production processes and all company divisions. In this context, we place a special emphasis on the control and optimization of our products, suppliers, and customer service. We see ourselves as a learning company - based on open and constructive communication that ensures maximum quality awareness and a high capacity for innovation.

Environmental management
Environmental protection enjoys a high priority at ODU. We are committed to continuously improving our environmental services, preventing environmental pollution and using natural resources sparingly. Our modern production facilities ensure that our manufacturing processes are as environmentally friendly and resource-saving as possible across all phases. Certified as sustainable in accordance with the 14001 environmental standard.

How your product is created
Advice. Production. Support. At ODU, we develop customized solutions based on our vast pool of know-how and expertise. Our decisive advantage? Every single one of our four production and development steps takes place in-house. This is how we ensure that each of our connections meets your exact requirements.

•   Customized consulting and development of independent solutions
•   Production in compliance with the strictest technical standards and conditions
•   Final inspection and support in our in-house test laboratories under real-world conditions

Certified management system

ODU develops and produces electrical and electronic solutions for its customers and markets. ODU offers its customers a fully integrated and harmonized management system that is certified according to globally recognized standards and consistently practiced.

•   Quality (ISO9001, ISO13485, IATF16949)
•   Environment (ISO14001)
•   Energy (ISO 50001)

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