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Whether for automobile construction, industry or trade, first-class connections manufactured by Oetiker are in demand in every sector.

For more than 70 years, Oetiker has been developing, manufacturing and marketing first class connecting products for vehicles, trade and industry worldwide.  Oetiker’s manufactures a variety of clamps and rings in a range of materials which are made from tubing or strip.  Stepless®, self-tensioning and reusable clamps make connections as durable as they are leak-tight. 

No matter where or what needs to be connected, there is hardly any connection problem which cannot be solved.  Oetiker clamps and rings can connect practically anything from hoses, pipes, cables, ropes and other objects, in all different materials and under the toughest conditions, securely and permanently (fast, simple and safe installation) – disconnection only as required.

Innovative Quick Connectors supplement our range of clamps: They are used to provide simple, fast and reliable fastenings and connections for tubes, hoses and for other, safety-relevant components.

Substantial added value is created by the comprehensive range of closing tools which are manufactured in our own facilities.  They ensure qualified installation and optimum product performance.  Electronically controlled installation tools guarantee verified clamp and ring closures at all times.

Oetiker offers connecting, assembly and system solutions in a wide variety of applications and industries: agriculture, respiratory protection, building and construction, mining, chemical and petrochemicals, electrical and electronic industries, automotive supply industry, food and beverage industry, aerospace industry, medical industry, automotive industry, military, rail industry, ship building, welding, irrigation, white goods, repair and maintenance. 

The Oetiker Group is a multinational, worldwide network which has expanded to 21 branches, more than 1,100 employees, and a network of production and sales companies in Europe, North America, South America and Asia. 

The name Oetiker is a guarantee for quality, safety and reliability and is directly related to a variety of connecting technology patents.  All Oetiker Group companies are certified to ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 9001 standards, in addition, the production plants comply with ISO 14001. Environmental protection is an import part of the company’s strategy.  Wherever possible we use recyclable materials and avoid the need for chemical additives.

The primary goal of the Oetiker Group is to supply all customers with connecting technology products of the highest quality, safety and reliability. 

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