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Category: Protocol Stack Software
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OpenText, an enterprise software company and leader in enterprise content management, helps organizations manage and gain the true value of their business content. OpenText brings two decades of expertise supporting 50 million users in 114 countries.

OpenText's leading connectivity solutions connect people, data, and applications in mission-critical environments through a complete line of remote application access and data integration solutions.

With 90 percent of Global 2000 companies relying on its award-winning solutions for over 20 years, OpenText understands the financial and operational challenges that most organizations face.

Solutions for the engineering world

Formerly known as Hummingbird, the OpenText Connectivity Solutions Group has been providing engineers with cutting edge software solutions for the past 20 years:

Fast and Secure File Delivery

OpenText Managed File Transfer is an enterprise solution for accelerating the exchange of files inside and outside of your organization. Combined with security and audit tracking, OpenText MFT enables organizations to increase productivity, improve agility, and ensure compliance.

  • Managed File Transfer (websitebrochuretechnical datasheettrial version) OpenText Managed File Transfer  will move your large design files internally for collaboration purposes and externally to facilitate the design process with third party vendors.

Key features:

  • Accelerated transfer moving files in seconds
  • Outlook Integration: Break the strong hold of file size restrictions
  • Audit Trail: report on all file exchange activities
  • Guaranteed delivery: Successful transfer each time every time
High Performance CAD/CAM/CAE remote access to Windows and Linux desktop

Let's face it: most UNIX based engineering applications were not designed to run on today's highly mobile and collaborative desktops.

Building on the success of Exceed 14 (datasheettrial version) and Exceed 3D™ 14 (datasheettrial version), the industry gold standard for PC X Server for Windows, the Open Text Connectivity Solutions group has developed a new technology for UNIX applications delivery that offers engineers a more robust, flexible and powerful way toaccess their favorite CAD/CAM/CAE applications on Windows or Linux desktops:

  • Crash Proof: Even if your connection drops suddenly, the software will automatically preserve your session and allow you to bring it back. You have just saved an entire morning of work!
  • Speed-it-up: Make sure your applications (yes, even the 3D intensive ones) stay responsive and fast, even thousands of miles away. No more dial-up experience!
  • Your Work, Your Way: Suspend and Resume your sessions at your convenience and keep your jobs running in the background. Say goodbye to the endless cycles of logging in and out!

This new technology is available in two distinct software packages to help you better leverage your existing infrastructure:

Want to test drive this technology today? Click here for instant access to OpenText's live demonstration server (no registration required)

Also feel free to browse OpenText's extensive whitepaper library:

Network File System Software for Windows Environments

The NFS Maestro family of software is targeted at engineers who are looking for:

  • A robust, high-performance network file system stack for Windows to replace or complement SMB/CIFS
  • A solution to integrate windows desktops with Unix / Linux / Mainframe NFS file systems
  • A companion that can leverage the true power of a NAS infrastructure

Key features:

  • Industry only support for the NFS v4 protocol on Windows
  • Leverage 1Gb and 10Gb Ethernet networks
  • Exceptional performance for large file transfers
  • Strong authentication and encryption of communications
  • Seamless integration with Windows desktops and directories

Software in the suite:

Secure network communications

With billions of dollar of annual losses attributed to security breaches, organizations are under increasing pressure from auditors and shareholders to step up their security efforts. A 2007 study from a leading analyst company estimated the average cost per record to be in the range of $90 to $305 depending on the severity of the breach.

The OpenText Connectivity Solutions security software offer a full suite of secure shell 2 client and servers backed by government grade FIPS 140-2 encryption module.


  • Connectivity Secure Shell (datasheettrial): secure shell 2 add-on for Exceed 14 and Exceed PowerSuite™ 14
  • Connectivity SecureTerm (datasheettrial): secure shell 2 terminal and file transfer client – desktop-based and web-based deployment
Terminal emulation solution for UNIX and IBM environments

HostExplorer (datasheettrial) is a full featured PC-to-host and Web-to-host terminal emulation solution providing the fastest, most robust, and stable connection from a desktop to enterprise hosts.

The majority of enterprise information continues to reside on centralized legacy hosts (Mainframe and AS/400). With the HostExplorer Family, you can connect your enterprise desktops to the business-critical information and applications you need - across all platforms, with no barriers.

HostExplorer is designed to integrate into existing environments and accommodate a corporation's migration strategy to Web-based or e-based client computing.

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