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Category: General Purpose Diodes
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PANJIT Semi Conductor

PANJIT is a leading-edge manufacturer of discrete semiconductors and touch screens.

Founded in 1986, PANJIT SemiConductor has continued to expand its product portfolio and manufacturing capabilities. Through the years greater and greater emphasis on quality has earned quality and environmental certifications as well as numerous supplier quality awards. PANJIT SemiConductorconforms to various Hazardous Substances (RoHS) standards as well.

PANJIT SemiConductorAfter a successful Initial Public Offering in the TAISDAQ in 1999, PANJIT invested in significant capacity expansions in Taiwan and Mainland China. In addition, PANJIT established PanJit Americas, Inc. to provide research and development expertise as well as sales and marketing support, and a sales and marketing presence in Europe. Many broad based suppliers have set their sights on leading edge technologies and products leaving the component market unsupported. PANJIT SemiConductor has stayed the course and continues to invest in new products, new capacity and customer support.

PANJIT SemiConductor's Touch Screen division is a leading edge designer and manufacturer of Multi-Touch Resistive, Resistive, Projective Capacitive, Surface Capacitive Touch Screens, and Touch Window. Including 4, 5, and 8 Wire Resistive Touch Screens, as well as Controllers. Servicing various market segments and applications, including Military Notebooks/Tablets, GPS, Industrial Controls, Medical, IPC, Kiosk, Mobile Computing, Smart Phones & POS, just to mention a few.

In addition, with the new product releases of PANJIT SemiConductor's Projective Capacitive Touch Screens and Resistive Multi-Touch Screens, they offer the most advanced and broadest range of Touch Screen technologies.

PANJIT SemiConductor's EclipsTouch Sunlight Readable is the ultimate Touch Screen made for all kinds of outdoor applications. PANJIT optimizes and customizes the optical characteristics of the Touch Screen, by enhancing the polarized light transmission; color saturation and sunlight contrast, also reducing the natural light reflection.

For the most robust Resistive Touch Screen, PANJIT offers G/F/G (Glass Film Glass) technology. The Resistive Touch Screen is constructed by optically PANJIT SemiConductorbonding a micro sheet of chemically strengthened glass to the front surface of the Touch Screen.


  • Scratch & Abrasion Wear Resistant
  • Surface Hardness 7H Mosh 5
  • Chemical Resistant

No matter if you require a standard Touch Screen or Custom; PANJIT SemiConductor's team will meet your requirements with On-Time-Deliveries and Superior Customer Service.



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