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Category: Accelerometers
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PCB Piezotronics, Inc. is a manufacturer and world leader in the design and development of sensors, serving Test and Measurement and Industrial Monitoring applications for over 50 years.

In addition, our broad portfolio of sensor technologies and vast engineering expertise supports custom product development to serve Original Equipment Manufacturers in a variety of industries including; aerospace, automation, automotive & rail, energy, medical instrumentation and military & defense.

PCB has a long proven track record in supporting mission critical applications in the demanding Aerospace and Defense sector with sensors designed to detect, monitor and quantify: vibration, shock, force, pressure, torque, strain, acoustics, load and blast.

Long development cycles and high qualification costs require OEMs and defense contractors to partner with stable, reliable, cost-effective suppliers that can show a history of success. Our expert Program Management team will drive the custom development effort to meet your project demands from concept to full scale production.

PCB's commitment to excellence is supported by our Quality Systems certifications to the requirements of International Standards AS9100 Rev D, ISO 9001, ISO 17025, ANSI-Z-540-1, EN13980 and Directive 94/9/EC. Our investment in vertical integration to support every aspect of engineering, design assurance testing and manufacturing process allows us to better control our quality of products. Further, we provide in-house, fully traceable (NIST, PTB) A2LA calibration services. Our Total Customer Satisfaction approach to business is unmatched in the industry.


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