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Take your preventative maintenance management to a whole new level with PMXpert Software.

PMXpert is your complete, affordable and easy-to-use solution for complete preventative maintenance. Simplify maintenance, work orders and inventory with one integrated CMMS program to help you…

  • reduce operating costs
  • extend life of equipment
  • increase workplace efficiency
  • prevent inventory shortages
  • ensure work is done on time

Boost Productivity and Profits

Preventative maintenance isn’t just a job, it’s a massive responsibility. There’s no shortage of details to keep on top of. If there’s a breakdown, it costs both time and money... and all eyes fall on you.  Is your preventative maintenance process backing you up? or letting you down? PMXpert keeps track of inventory resources, tracks maintenance schedules, automates work orders and provides detailed customizable reporting so you are always on top of your maintenance needs. Now that's taking your preventative maintenance to a whole new level!

PMXpert Software Features:

  • Adaptable to all industries
  • Flexible user defined fields
  • Easy, automated PM scheduling
  • Work orders, scheduled or emergency
  • Service rescheduling
  • Emergency repair management
  • Service request list
  • Asset control
  • Asset history
  • Downtime tracking
  • Costing history
  • Count update
  • Inventory management
  • Purchase orders
  • Graphical service calendar
  • Warranty tracking
  • Address book
  • Labor tracking
  • Simple data entry
  • Integrated, detailed reporting
  • 40+ Built-in, customizable reports
  • and much, much more…

PMXpert Software Benefits to YOU

  • PMXpert SoftwareReduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced incidences of catastrophic breakdown
  • Efficient utilization of maintenance staff
  • Ease of management decision making
  • Accurate cost analysis for each unit
  • Accurate data analysis
  • Detailed reporting with summarized maintenance costs
  • Efficient inventory control
  • Assists determining optimum replacement  time
  • Increased resale value of assets
  • ISO 9000 compatible
  • Improved security with the ability to control user accessibility

Praise for PMXpert

"We have been using PMXpert for about 6 years as our CMMS here in Emirates Engineering-Facilities Department.  PMXpert is very reliable, simple with a nice interface and user-friendly. The continuous software upgrade and their strong Tech Support is a big plus."

-  Jerrold Beason, Emirates Airlines

"The preventative maintenance program I’ve established with the help of PMXpert Software has almost completely eliminated downtime. It has been my greatest tool for “turning this maintenance department from a ‘reactive’ department into a ‘proactive’ one."

- Bob Sherman,  Chatham Steel

"Thanks to the PMXpert staff for going above and beyond! Due to their diligence the program exceeds our expectations and is a valuable tool for our department. I would recommend the program to any of my peers."

- Tom Giannone, Monro Muffler

"At Hendrick Medical Center in Abilene Texas we have used the PMXpert system for 10 years. With this program, we are able to track all facets of vehicle operations including fuel and repair expenses, when scheduled services are due, miles driven and costs per mile.  It would be almost impossible to do this tracking without PMXpert. I would recommend this program to anyone from the smallest to the largest vehicle fleet."

- Jim Mudd, Hendrick Medical Center

Try PMXpert Software FREE for 30 days

Click HERE to download our brochure and register for your 30 day free trial of PMXpert Software.

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