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PRAB is a leading manufacturer of engineered conveyors and equipment for processing turnings, chips and metalworking fluids. We also design and build wastewater recycling systems. Our equipment and systems are tailored to the scrap metal and fluid handling needs of each application.

The equipment designed and built by PRAB not only automates the scrap handling process but also reduces labor costs, improves shop floor safety, mitigates fork truck traffic, reclaims and recycles expensive cutting fluids, and maximizes return on recycled metals.

Our engineering expertise is honed by more than 65 years' experience and thousands of installations for the world's leading OEMs and suppliers. PRAB continuously improves material handling, housekeeping and compliance to environmental rules and regulations within the automotive, aerospace, electronics, defense, and energy markets.


• Machining Scrap Processing Equipment
• Fluid Filtration Equipment
• Metal Scrap Conveying Equipment
• Industrial Wastewater Treatment Equipment
• 24/7 Customer Service and Technical Support
• Replacement Parts and media
• Managed Maintenance Programs


• Project Management, Concept Through Commissioning
• Custom Engineered Designs
• Manufacturing Execution
• Start-Up and Training
• Technical Support Services

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