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Category: Thin Film Equipment
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Serving high-tech manufacturing with equipment and services for more than 15 years.

  • The leading Independent vacuum equipment service provider in North America.
  • Dedicated to superior customer service and responsiveness.
  • Committed to quality workmanship.
  • Focused on servicing YOUR needs.

"What YOU need, when YOU need it!"SM

PTB Sales, Inc. was established in 1995 and is a leading North American provider of key services to the Semiconductor Fabrication, PV Solar, Nano-Technology, MEMS, Vacuum Coating, Aerospace and Defense, Research and Development and General Industrial industries. Founded on our guiding principle of "What YOU need, when YOU need it!"SM we have established a track record of being there when our customers need support in a timely manner and at reasonable prices.

Based in Azusa, CA, PTB provides equipment refurbishment and sale, repairs and exchanges, vacuum chamber design and manufacture and the new GreenChipSM Service Programs across a variety of critical components such as cryogenic vacuum pumps, turbo molecular vacuum pumps, roughing pumps, power generators and related electronics, valves and others. Because of our commitment to quality and superior customer relations, the portfolio of products we serve continues to expand.

PTB operates multiple remanufacturing lines out of 3 facilities with a combined capacity of 40,000 sq ft, which also store a very significant inventory stock. We have a highly technically competent staff that is focused on customer service and getting it right the first time.

PTB has an extensive and growing network of partners throughout the supply chain and has solid relationships with many equipment OEMs. As a result we can deliver services to our customers that are equivalent to those they could receive from an OEM but at a much more affordable price level. Almost two decades after being founded our focus remains on reliable, timely and high quality servicing of our customers' needs!

PTB Sales, Inc. PTB Sales, Inc. PTB Sales, Inc. PTB Sales, Inc.

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