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Category: Screws
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Pan American Screw, Inc.In 1908, Peter L. Robertson of Canada recognized the need for a better screw recess. He developed a square recess, and patented it as Robertson®, which is the name it is known by to this day. To introduce this revolutionary recess to the U.S. market, Pan American Screw, Inc® was founded in 1957. Pan American Screw, Inc® started in Elkhart, IN as the U.S. division of Robertson, Inc®.

Over the last 50 years, Pan American Screw Inc®, has evolved into a fastener group which is comprised of Pan American Screw, Deerwood Fasteners International® and Sure Drive USA®. The three U.S. companies along with Robertson, Inc® are all supported by our Manufacturing Facility in China. We can now offer direct shipments from our factory to just about any location in the world. We have included a Manufacturing Matrix that you can use as reference material.

Today, Pan American Screw, Inc® continues the legacy of innovation that began with Peter L. Robertson. We are constantly testing and developing fasteners that are easier, faster and less costly to use. Some of our products include various hidden deck fasteners, the Lo Root® thread design, the Recex® recess, the Woodmaster® thread design, and most recently the Pocketmaster™ face frame screw, the Hingemaster™ Euro hinge screw, and the Woodmaster Plus™ thread design.

We at Pan American Screw, Inc® strive to become an International leader of innovative threaded fastening solutions. Our mission is to achieve this status through exemplary customer service, innovative products, unsurpassed quality and valued added programs. We will endeavor to exceed expectations and become a valuable asset to those who entrust us with their business.

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