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Category: Cleaning Agents and Surface Treatments
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Paratherm began manufacturing non-toxic, high efficiency heat transfer fluids in 1988. These specialty thermal oils are engineered for rugged service in closed-loop systems with bulk fluid temperatures up to 600°F, film temperatures to 650°F. Their mission is to serve their diverse and demanding customers with quality products and immediate, in depth support. Paratherm reliability keeps their products on the job long after others have failed or been changed out.

Paratherm's success has grown their customer base to almost 3000 users many of which are listed on the Fortune 500.

They are committed to fast, attentive and knowledgeable technical service and support. Unusual applications? Immediate system trouble shooting? If they can not assist with Paratherm fluids, they'll provide the names and phone numbers of competitor's engineers who can. 

Today Paratherm heat transfer fluids are on the job in a wide range of industries including:

  • adhesives
  • asphalt
  • chemicals
  • die casting
  • food processing
  • hot presses
  • hot rolls
  • industrial laundry
  • laminating
  • marine/offshore
  • non-wovens
  • paints & coatings
  • paper
  • paper converting
  • recovery
  • rubber
  • textiles
  • waste heat

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