Parker Balston is the worldwide leader in filtration, separation, and gas generation products serving a wide range of industries from manufacturing to transportation; from life sciences to food and beverage.   

Balston Compressed Air and Gas Filters will solve your most demanding applications problems, improve efficiencies, eliminate downtime, and reduce operating costs.  Products offerings include:

Coalescing compressed air and gas filters

Instrumentation and gas sampling filters

Filter accessories

Filters for hospital applications

Vacuum pump exhaust and inlet filters

High efficiency liquid filters

High pressure natural gas filters

Sterile air filters

Steam filters for food processing

Disposable filter units

Balston Nitrogen Generators continually transform compressed air into nitrogen eliminating the inconvenience and high costs associated with cylinders, dewars, and bulk delivery.

A nitrogen generator offers long term price stability and insulates the user from uncontrollable vendor gas price increases, long term commitments, contracts, and tank rental fees. Operation is simple: select the purity required and set the flow, and within minutes, high purity, dry nitrogen is available. Balston Nitrogen Generators are free standing, housed in an attractive cabinet or are skid mounted depending on the application.

Both Membrane and PSA technologies are available. Applications include: food and beverage packaging, chemical processing, oil and gas, metalworking, coal mining, and power generation.

Balston Compressed Air Dryers provide clean, dry compressed air to process instrumentation. Balston offers both membrane and PSA technology. Balston Membrane Air Dryers combine superior coalescing technology with a proven, innovative membrane system to supply clean, dry compressed air with dewpoints as low as -40°F (-40°C). Balston PSA Compressed Air Dryers will reduce the dewpoint of compressed air to -100°F (-73°C). Each dryer is delivered complete and ready for easy installation.

Parker Hannifin Filtration and Separation Div. / Balston Products
Parker Hannifin Filtration and Separation Div. / Balston Products
Parker Hannifin Filtration and Separation Div. / Balston Products


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