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With more than 35 years of providing prefabricated buildings to the utility and industrial markets, Parkline understands the value of customer service. Parkline is 100% employee owned. That means every Parkline employee has a good reason to remain dedicated to meeting all of their customers' needs and exceeding their expectations with ongoing support. Prefab industrial steel buildings are Parkline’s specialty. They have a large builder network that spans across the United States.

Exceptional Quality. Exceptional Performance.
At Parkline, quality starts with heavy-gauge steel wall and roof systems protected with a G90 continuous hot-dip zinc coating, but it doesn't stop there. Their dedication to superior quality extends from their raw materials to the machinery they use to custom manufacture their building and components. Parkline's attractive, yet rugged, low-maintenance buildings are made to stand the test of time.

Outstanding Products. Outstanding Service.
To maximize your floor space, all Parkline prefabricated metal buildings have a unique, self-framing design. The load-bearing walls minimize erection time - saving time and money. With Parkline, there's no need for expensive foundations, columns, rafters or trusses. You receive the maximum inside clearances for equipment layouts with a minimum in construction costs. So when complete, your building is easily expandable.

Parkline's easily expanded, self-framing buildings are an excellent choice for a variety of industrial enclosures:

  • Electrical - Parkline’s prefab buildings are perfect for enclosing electrical equipment: Motor Control Centers, Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems, switchgear enclosures, and wind energy equipment. Parkline has had great success packaging electrical substation control buildings.
  • Oil and gas - Parkline can supply measurement and regulation, odorant, compressor and many other auxiliary buildings. Loyal customers in the gas and oil industry continually turn to Parkline for their enclosure needs.
  • Pump Houses - Parkline fire pump buildings and pump equipment enclosure are designed to drop right over your pump system. Site built or pre-assembled, Parkline pump enclosures are engineered to meet your specifications.
  • Wastewater Treatment - Parkline pre-engineered buildings are custom manufactured to meet your specifications and the unique demands of water and wastewater treatment applications.
  • Guard Houses - You'll be amazed at the durability of a Parkline guard house. They routinely provide guard houses to large electrical, oil, gas and coal companies.
  • Telecommunications - Parkline's telecommunications stations house the switching equipment and radios for cellular communications at individual cellular towers.
  • Hazardous Waste - Site built or pre-assembled with containment skid and explosion relief panels. Designed and engineered to meet your specifications.
  • Canopies - If you need to cover your equipment, try a canopy or covered walkway from Parkline.

Parkline's Self-Storage Complexes...Made Easy!

  • Self Storage Complexes - Parkline makes self storage easy. They customize their one-, two- or three-story buildings to meet your needs. Their unique self-framing panels and non-exposed fasteners are not only more aesthetically pleasing, but they prevent streaking down panels and break-ins.

Need a storefront for your next self-storage, mini-warehouse facility? Parkline can help.

  • Retail Facilities - Parkline can even provide your next storefront. From concession stands to stores, they've got you covered.

Great building solution for your institutional needs:

  • Portable Classrooms - Parkline portable classrooms are utilized when schools are being remodeled to house students. They are also perfect for crew training rooms on a job site. The classrooms are available in a wide variety of widths or lengths, so no matter how many students you are housing, they've got a solution for you.
  • Press Boxes - Many school districts turn to Parkline to produce long-lasting press boxes for various fields. Parkline buildings provide outstanding reliability. A Parkline steel press box would outlast a wooden structure by several decades.
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