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This year marks our 64th year in the metal finishing supply business. Over the years, our dedication to matching market needs with our industry-leading research operation has generated an unmatched lineup of products. We have undertaken our largest research and development program ever, which has resulted in the delivery of new and innovative technology for zinc, nickel, tin, alloys, antimicrobials, cadmium, hexavalent and trivalent chrome, copper and phosphate systems. Pavco also continues to expand our industry leading HyPro line of High Performance Compliant Chemistries containing both organic and inorganic topcoats serving automotive ELV initiatives.

The future looks very bright for Pavco as 2012 welcomes a dramatic investment and expansion of our global facilities to better develop, service and support our partners worldwide. Stay tuned as the Pavco products that will lead the industry forward in the years to come are being built in Pavco labs today.


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