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Category: Inflatable Seals
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Pawling Engineered Products, Inc.

Since 1945 Pawling Corporation has provided customers with superior products and services. At the start, fifteen employees of Pawling Rubber Corporation began making gaskets for ammunition cases for the military in a 25,000-square foot building.

A willingness to experiment and respond to customer needs and market opportunities in an innovative way has allowed the company to diversify and grow over the years. As of July 4, 2011, Pawling Engineered Products, Inc. is now its own company headquartered in Pawling, New York with over 130 employees and 125,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

Pawling Engineered Products, Inc.
Custom inflatable seals are used to solve the most difficult sealing challenges. Uses include sealing horizontal or vertical sliding doors, sealing large fabricated doors or other closures, and creating quick connect/disconnect seals in high volume process equipment.

Pawling Engineered Products, Inc.
Standardized inflatable bladder clamps are used to provide soft, conformal clamping and/or to impart variabilized pressure over a large surface area. Applications include use as conveyor brakes/stops or as clamping bladders for large aircraft wing fixtures.

Pawling Engineered Products, Inc.
Unique patent pending perfluoroelastomer seals used in the chemical, semiconductor, aerospace, and pharmaceutical industries.

Pawling Engineered Products, Inc.
Specialty elastomeric products for the lab, including low bleed, high performance injection port and autosampler septa.

Custom Elastomeric Compression Seals, Gaskets, Tubing, Trim, Bumpers

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