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Category: Air Filters (industrial)
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Pelonis Technologies, Inc.Pelonis Technologies, Inc.Pelonis Technologies, Inc. Pelonis Technologies, Inc. is a leading innovator of air movement technologies, cooling products, induction motors, and specialty heating components for commercial and industrial use. They offer high quality products at competitive costs and employ flexible manufacturing techniques that enable them to respond to large and small-scale requirements. Their goal is to provide their customers with significant value-added services, ready solutions, or custom designs.

PTI manufactures and tests its products based on the highest standards of quality and reliability. Their ISO-certified production facilities employ flexible manufacturing techniques that enable the company to respond quickly and efficiently to customer needs.

Innovation in Motion
With over 25 years of product development and manufacturing experience, Pelonis Technologies? management team and engineers are committed to providing exceptional quality, product innovation, and exceptional service at competitive pricing. Their company?s passion is to improve existing products and to develop new applications that benefit their customers and their constantly changing needs. This dedication has enabled Pelonis Technologies to build long-term partnerships with their global customers. Valued PTI customers come from a variety of sectors, including medical equipment, aerospace & defense, heating & air-conditioning, automotive, and appliances.

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