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Pickering Interfaces is a United Kingdom based company manufacturing advanced switching and instrumentation equipment for the electronics industry. Pickering's products are used worldwide in applications such as automotive, aerospace and defense. Their test & instrumentation products are used in everything from mobile phone handsets to the space shuttle, weapons systems to television sets.

Pickering Interfaces is a privately owned company that employs almost 100 people and has offices in five countries directly involved in software and hardware production, as well as sales agents operating in over twenty more countries.

Pickering Interfaces Capabilities

Pickering Interfaces designs and manufactures commercial and custom switching systems used in the electronics test market and for imbedded switch systems in OEM equipment. Pickering Interfaces designs, manufactures and distributes PXI instrument modules for use in test systems.

Pickering Interfaces offers the largest range of switching products available from a single supplier. Pickering products are specified in systems installed throughout the world and have gained a reputation for providing excellent reliability and excellent value for money. Switching products are offered that are based on proprietary chassis systems, on the open standard PXI system, PCI cards and on the VXI standard.

No matter what the platform, Pickering Interfaces can provide a cost-effective solution to your switching requirements. If Pickering does not have an off-the-shelf solution, they can usually design a customized solution to meet the requirement. Thanks to a dedicated engineering and manufacturing team co-located in the same factory building, Pickering can turn around custom modules in as little as 6 weeks. Tell them what you want; they will tell you if it can be done.

Pickering offers the largest range of switching products available in PXI format - they have more models available than the rest of the industry put together. Modules vary from the world's highest density switching matrix available (the BRIC modules), RF and optical switching products through to simple resistor switching networks for automotive applications

Nobody does switching better than Pickering

Pickering has an expanding range of PXI instrument modules and chassis. With their partners, they are developing a range of PXI instrument modules that compliment other PXI modules, ensuring that customers have a choice of product and capability that will ensure PXI can meet the requirements of an expanding number of applications.

Working with systems integrators ensures that Pickering's products meet the demanding requirements of the test industry. They provide assistance and advice to support their customers systems, but they do not offer a system design and integration service.

Pickering designs and manufactures a large range of accessories that make the use of their products simple and effective, and they provide all the software support tools required for controlling their products.

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