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Category: Cutting Services
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Pickwick Manufacturing Services Pickwick Manufacturing Services Pickwick Manufacturing Services

As a full-service sheet metal and structural steel fabricator founded in 1939, Pickwick Manufacturing Services specializes in partnering with OEM customers to develop plug-in solutions to complex production weldment, assembly and fabrication needs.

Located in the heart of the Midwest, Pickwick’s 100,000-square-foot, high-bay facility on 20 acres includes everything required for low to moderate quantity manufacture of sheet, plate and structural steel components, simple and complex, large or small. Features include a 26-axis structural shape and tube laser for limitless options in creating fixtureless assemblies.

The expertise of Pickwick’s engineering and production associates enables them to provide customized, value-added solutions and flexible services that reap great rewards in cost reduction, scheduling, pre-assembly, packaging, delivery and replenishment systems. The benefits to your operation may include one or more of the following features:

  • Dynamic kitting of the parts and fabrications needed to build the precise configuration your customer ordered, delivered to your production schedule
  • Innovative design for manufacturing concepts to reduce labor, improve quality and speed delivery to your customer
  • Single-piece flow for maximum flexibility to your market’s changing demands
  • Virtual Focus Factory to extend your facility with personnel and equipment to maximize efficiency and minimize problems
  • Minute-by-minute reporting that pinpoints both material availability and order progress while soliciting feedback
  • Streamlining shipments with bar coding and advanced ship notices
Pickwick Manufacturing Services

At Pickwick, customization is routine. The company is always ready to find solutions to your problems, from prototypes on short notice to dynamic kits delivered as needed. Contact Pickwick with your next RFP.

Contract Manufacturing
Innovative, agile and value-driven, Pickwick helps customers save time, money and labor with sheet metal and structural steel fabrication. Receive plug-in solutions to complex weldments and assembly line needs from a facility with heavy, large lift capabilities and a capacity for low to moderate quantities of sheet, plate and structural steel components, simple and complex, large and small.

Mechanical Assembly
Pickwick's agile metal fabrication facility ensures customized mechanical, electrical and hydraulic assemblies and weldments, delivered preassembled and on time for produce-to-demand operations. Eliminate stock and waste as they adapt to your production demands, or choose dynamic or static kitting.

Plate Forming
Pickwick’s metal plate forming capabilities include rolling, forming, welding and laser cutting up to 7/8” thicknesses. With a 1250-ton brake press, 45-ton crane and 32 ft. under hook capacity, large, heavy pieces and assemblies are easily within reach.

Pickwick cuts and fabricates structural steel up to 11.8” diameter x 5/8” wall and plate metal up to 7/8” thick with two laser cutters. Their tube laser allows an unlimited number of cuts on round, square and other structural metal up to 26 feet in length.

Product Development
Pickwick’s metal fabricating expertise and innovative design solutions come from an experienced engineering department equipped with CAD, 3D modeling, soft tooling, reverse engineering and prototyping capabilities for assemblies and fixtures. A Certified Weld Inspectors team drives continuous improvement of welding and welder quality.

With sheet and structural metal capabilities and a skilled in-house engineering department, Pickwick fabricates and assembles prototypes small and large to prove your designs and assists with product development. The world’s largest mobile rock crusher provides one example of a Pickwick prototype.

Tube Bending & Pipe Bending
Pickwick bends tube and pipe with CNC up to 3” with assistance in precision notch forming from the 26-axis structural shape and tube laser. Various shapes of metal tubes, pipes, beams and extrusions can be cut and bent to your specifications.

Tube Fabrication
Pickwick’s 26-axis structural shape and tube laser offers endless flexibility in fabricating metal tube up to 11.8” round x 5/8” wall. While cutting to lengths up to 26 feet, it precisely angle cuts, drills, bevels, countersinks and taps, eliminating fixtures and setup to save hours of labor.

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