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Category: Video Processor Boards
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Pleora is a leader in real-time connectivity for industrial automation, security & defense, and medical imaging applications. Their hardware and software solutions are built for performance, enabling low-latency, real-time video, and data transport in 1000s of unique systems. You will find Pleora’s solutions in space, medical operating rooms, armored vehicles, and inspection lines.

Pleora’s deployed solutions have the capacity to transmit over 20 billion gigabits of data per day, including video, sensor and control data, between cameras, edge and embedded devices, and X-ray panels to processors and displays. The eBUS SDK platform provides the essential building blocks necessary to build high-performance applications that consume minimal CPU resources across the widest range of operating systems.

Pleora continuously invests in enhancements to their technology platform with new solutions that address higher bandwidth, usability, and system connectivity demands, with robust professional services expertise to customize offerings for unique requirements. Pleora is a reliable and responsive partner with consistentcy in on-time delivery, dependable support, and lifecycle management aided by a dedication to continuous quality improvement.

Pleora’s machine vision expertise helps systems integrators, manufacturers and camera designers add real-time connectivity to imaging solutions and applications by enabling the connectivity of any imaging device to processors and displays over Ethernet and USB 3.0. The Machine Vision Connectivity solutions also help to speed design of Vision Standard compliant devices, including cameras, embedded platforms, and X-ray FPDs. Simplify application development with end-to-end transmit and receive data delivery for vision, IIoT, and Industry 4.0 systems with a collection of products and solutions from Pleora.

With Pleora’s external frame grabbers, embedded interfaces and eBUS Group of software, manufacturers can add GigE Vision and USB3 Vision connectivity to legacy camera-based systems and applications. Stream real-time, low-latency video from cameras and sensors over Ethernet and USB 3.0 directly to existing ports on processors and displays. Leverage long-distance, flexible cabling and multicasting and deploy with seamless integration for top quality streaming and control functions of native cameras and interfaces.

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Design, Cost, and Clinical Benefits of GigE (Machine Vision Equipment) This paper reviews how GigE Vision video interfaces improve the usability, cost, and future scalability of medical imaging systems. (View Full Article)
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