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Category: Microporous Membranes
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Over the decades, Porex Corporation has proven that they deserve their position as a market leader in the development, manufacture and innovation of porous plastics. We are proud that over the years, we have been part of making some of the best ideas in the medicine, consumer goods and industrial markets become reality — we supply high-quality products that have made us a reliable partner for our customers. Our aim is to develop innovative porous material solutions. Our global production sites are equipped with state-of-the-art systems for developing and producing porous plastic products; from here, we supply components to improve the everyday lives of millions of people around the world. Over 1300 customers in more than 65 countries trust Porex Corporation when it comes to developing, producing and supplying their plastic products.

Porex continues to excel as a global leader in the development and manufacturing of advanced porous solutions. Porex's unmatched technology expertise, commitment to stringent regulatory and quality standards and dedication to customer service continue to distinguish our products in the global marketplace. In 2019, Porex was recognized as an Edison Award winner for our revolutionary POREX® FORTRESS™ liquid barrier pipette tip filter, an innovative technology that protects the purity of samples and ensures reliable test results for clinical laboratory professionals. Our commitment to engineering solutions for the next generation continues to propel us forward.

From facilities around the world, Porex implements groundbreaking technologies and a depth of expertise to engineer the porous plastic solutions that help bring your next product to life — and create a safer, healthier and more productive world.

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