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Category: Laser Cutting and Welding Machines
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We provide intelligent and reliable
solutions for material processing
with lasers and optical measuring

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Our company - The experts for your processes
Precitec is the specialist for laser material processing and optical measuring technology. What does this mean? We are not just a system and component supplier, but also your professional partner for smooth processing. You will see this as soon as our cooperation begins:

Real partnership
We will develop sound and well-defined solutions together with you that match your needs and objectives. We trust our four components of success in the machining process: measurement, control, processing, checking. This is the only way you can receive the solution that best matches your application. With all this, you not only profit from our decades of experience, but also from our high-quality products in the form of laser machining heads, quality monitoring systems as well as optical measuring system for distance and layer gauges. Our optical sensors are characterized by the highest precision and dynamic. They also provide exact values even at high measuring speeds.

Our markets:
Our customers mainly come from the automotive and supplier industries. They are machine and system builders, equip production operations or are producers themselves. Our expertise in the area of optical measuring technology is essential in the glass and semiconductor industries as well as in coordinate measuring technology. We are in demand all over the world. We are equipped for this.

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