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Category: Linear Slides and Linear Stages
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At Primatics, we deliver the motion devices you need to perform any motion task. Our dedication to bringing you the best solutions in the industry, is evident in our product performance and repeatability. All of our products and systems are designed to run 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our high precision motion products and solutions are used for observation, exploration, testing, analysis, inspection, imaging, deposition, metrology and assembly for these and other related industries:

Lab Automation
Semiconductor/Solar/Thin Films
High End Optics
Consumer Electronics
Automated Equipment
Complex Machines

Three engineers, who now have over 30 years of experience designing standard and custom motion systems, established Primatics, Inc. in 1997. Their market reputation and longevity in the industry can be attributed to product reliability, performance, repeat business, and unsurpassed customer service.

Primatics has grown to become a recognized motion device provider in the US, and has expanded on its domestic reputation to develop a global presence through the integration of products into equipment around the globe.

Primatics has expertise and experience building high precision motion products. This expertise extends beyond technologies and component selection to include best practices for manufacturing, assembly and verification processes. Primatics standard, linear and rotary products and custom motion have a wide range of options for travel, precision, resolution and motor type. Multiple stages can be combined for multi-axis configurations such as XY or XYZ, and many standard products are available in stock.

Custom Design
Primatics has developed a variety of standard products for automation, as well Custom Designs for one-of-a-kind complex machines and for high volume OEM products. Primatics can also deliver cost effective solutions at low volumes. These include everything from small single axis linear stages to fit within an existing machine, to long travel transport stages for high-speed, clean operation. Multi-axis designs are often used for sample storage systems that require precision linear and rotary motion. A custom design is an efficient and cost effective alternative when performance or features are not met by a standard motion device. Primatics can also modify a standard product to add features, or create a completely custom product to your specifications. Engineers, OEM's and Medical Equipment Manufacturers alike, look to Primatics for a broad range of automation product offerings.

Material Handling
Automated material handling is at the core of all laboratory processes. This can range from material transport and bio-bank storage to fine positioning and alignment of a sample for inspection. This may occur in a cleanroom or a vacuum chamber or transition between the two. For these processes, Primatics produces a variety of linear positioning stages with sub-micron precision. These can be combined with sub-arc-second resolution rotary stages into many configurations. Many of these can be prepared for cleanroom or vacuum use. Several products exist for precision vertical motion or very flat XY travel often required for inspection, testing and analysis.

Cleanroom Environments
Automation in cleanrooms is used in many industries such as life science, bio-med, semiconductor, pharmaceuticals, microelectronics, coating deposition, and packaging. Primatics offers options to prepare many standard linear and rotary stages for operation in cleanrooms to ISO 5 and better. Many custom motion mechanisms have been developed specifically for ISO 4 and better. Components and materials such as lubricants are specifically selected for cleanroom compatibility. Special assembly processes and packaging assure the mechanisms are clean and ready for use upon arrival.

Vacuum Environments
Automation in vacuum can be more demanding than cleanroom design. Products and assembly processes must eliminate sources of contaminants. Outgassing of specific compounds, even in very small quantities, must be avoided. Components and materials must be carefully selected for vacuum compatibility. Primatics' precision motion devices for vacuum is found in many applications for lab automation equipment.

Metrology Testing
High precision motion systems require high precision measuring equipment for testing and verification. Primatics employs a variety of instruments including laser interferometers, optical autocollimators, precision levels, specialty encoders, and a variety of contact and non-contact sensors.

Test and Verification
Primatics products are all subjected to a variety of tests to verify compliance with specifications and other requirements. Test data for standard, linear and rotary motion products are included with each product. Specialized test reports are often used with custom products. With a vast amount of archived test data from various products, components and configurations, Primatics has earned a solid reputation for dependability and performance, and can reliably predict the performance of custom projects.

Primatics has implemented a world class quality system to assure motion products perform as specified and provide a reliable service life. This is integrated into all parts of our business to yield on-time delivery at a great value.

Engineers from around the world trust Primatics when they need positioning equipment they can rely on. Whether it’s a custom system or a standard stage, a single axis of motion or a complex multi-axis mechanism, Primatics delivers solutions for any motion task.

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