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Category: Abrasive Blast Machines and Sandblasters
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PROCECO Ltd specializes in the design and manufacturing of a wide selection of industrial aqueous parts washers, custom integrated systems for precision cleaning, high-pressure water jet deburring and surface treatment systems. PROCECO machines are fully customizable, automated and offer multi-stage processes. PROCECO offers solutions to meet virtually any cleaning process requirements in components maintenance processes and metal manufacturing, from lean cells to large-scale production lines. Since 1975, PROCECO has supplied over 6700 systems in more than 50 countries worldwide to the Aerospace, Automotive, Rail & Transit, Heavy Machinery, and General Manufacturing Industries. Company Name

All PROCECO machines use environmentally friendly, water-based processes. Using recirculated, water-based low-concentration cleaning solution, PROCECO's systems remove oils, grease, chips, dirt, coolants and other contaminants from parts to meet virtually any cleaning process requirements in parts manufacturing and overhauling. PROCECO technology offers benefits such as: repeatable high-quality processes, low chemical and energy costs, low water consumption, a safe working environment for workers, reliability and an easy-to-maintain design.

PROCECO’s product line includes:
   - Conveyor (in-line) parts washers: Belt and overhead layout
   - Turntable spray cleaning cabinets
   - Automated immersion tank lines: Cleaning and surface treatment processes
   - Return-to-operator (rotary) parts washers
   - Specialized cleaning systems for rail component maintenance
   - High-pressure water jet deburring systems
   - Automated liquid penetrant inspection (FPI) process line
   - Slurry blasting parts cleaning systems
   - Custom designed and integrated cleaning systems
   - Closed-loop industrial wastewater reclamation systems

Typical workpieces for PROCECO systems:

   - All engine components (rocket, jet, turboprop and piston)
   - Precision hydraulic/ mechanical elements
   - Landing gears
   - Aircraft frames
   - Wheels

   - Engines & transmissions components
   - Driveshafts, differentials, steering systems, axles, wheels
   - Precision components from fuel, brake and hydraulic systems

Heavy Machineries:
   - Earth moving, mining, and military vehicle mechanical components
   - Diesel engines, including for heavy truck, bus, boats, stationary generators
   - Gas turbine engines for different applications

General Manufacturing:
   - Precision castings and forgings from ferrous and nonferrous metals
   - Power tools, gardening and recreational equipment, etc

Rail & Transit:
   - Locomotive engines
   - Bogies and wheelsets
   - Traction motors
   - Bearings

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