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Category: Environmental Consulting and Engineering Services
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Process Engineering Associates, LLC

Process Engineering Associates provides engineering services exclusively via highly qualified Chemical Engineers and they specialize only in process engineering and process safety (no electrical, mechanical or civil services). Their plant operations and process design experience is extensive and, because the company is focused only on chemical engineering, they are very good at what they do. Visit their website at http://www.processengr.com. You will find the Project section especially interesting and you may wish to use the site search tool for any special items of interest. Process Engineering Associates is not a placement agency or loose group of consultants; they are a specialized engineering firm. On average their process engineers have over 15 years of experience and all of them have a background in plant operations which they feel is an invaluable asset to clients.

Process Engineering Associates was formed in January 1996 to provide process design, process engineering, and process safety services to any and all of the processing industries. Their concept was to specialize only in process chemical engineering. This unique focus has allowed them to attract and retain some of the best chemical engineering talent available anywhere. Process Engineering Associates' personnel are experienced, highly-motivated chemical engineers with track records of significant achievement in the field of process engineering.

The company is different in that they are both "niche" and "broad." "Niche" in the sense that, unlike most traditional engineering companies, they offer only chemical process engineering services - no mechanical, electrical, civil, etc. "Broad" in the sense that, unlike most consulting firms, they apply their process engineering capabilities over a wide range of industries - chemicals, petroleum, petro-chemicals, alternative fuels, foods, nuclear materials, power generation, waste treatment, and more. They often provide subcontracted services to many traditional engineering firms.

Services Provided

Process Engineering Associates specializes in process chemical engineering and process design only. As such they provide the following types of services:

Process Design

  • Design basis development
  • Alternatives evaluations or feasibility studies
  • Capacity evaluations/revamp studies
  • Relief valve studies
  • Evaluation of 3rd party process designs
  • Utility evaluations
  • Complete process design packages
  • Control scheme development
  • Creation of PFDs and P&IDs
  • Equipment plot plans
  • Equipment specifications
  • Preliminary cost estimates

Operations Support

  • Commissioning and startup
  • Troubleshooting and optimization
  • Debottlenecking
  • Control systems startup/tuning
  • Operating procedures
  • Process documentation
  • Operator and engineering staff training
  • Short term staff augmentation


Process Modeling/Simulations

  • Detailed mass & energy balance
  • Unit operations design
  • Piping system hydraulics
  • Relief or flare system design/evaluation
  • User friendly simulation interface development

Process Safety Management

  • Conducting Process Hazard Analyses (PHAs)
  • Conducting Safety Integrity Level (SIL) selection analyses for Safety Instrumented Systems (SISs)
  • Conducting Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA)
  • Conducting compliance Audits
  • Performing hazard assessments (including HAZOPs)
  • Developing Risk Management Plans
  • Resolving/implementing PHA recommendations
  • Developing PSM/RMP programs
  • Developing process safety information
  • PHA facilitation training
  • Incident investigation training

Additional Capabilities

  • Plant investment due diligence evaluation
  • Process/equipment bid package preparation
  • Vendor bid evaluations and recommendations
  • Expert witness/legal team technical assistance

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