ProductionLine Testers main focus point is providing its customers with economical, user-friendly, optimally configured IC testers. Each system comes ready-to-test with spreadsheet style programming and only what the customer needs to test their specific products.

Flexible IC Testing with Serial Ports

The IC100-S is an excellent choice for testing devices with I2C or SPI communications. It includes everything needed to test most low-to-medium complexity analog, digital and mixed-signal IC's.

Ambient Light Sensor & Proximity Sensor Testing

The IC100-A is optimized for testing optical devices with I2C communications. Includes an external optics module.

Parametric Tester with up to 128 SMU's

The IC200 is a multi-channel DC parametric tester with 4-quadrant, independent VI-Sources. Three configurations offered 32, 64, and 128 channels. This system offers major benefits to standard rack-and-stack SMU's distributed through a relay matrix.

Established in 1995, ProductionLine Testers, Inc. began manufacturing the IR3000 IrDA Transceiver test system for several different companies and their subcontract test houses. Over the years they have sold to customers worldwide such as Agilent, IBM, HP, Lite-On, Infineon, Citizen Electronics and Vishay just to name a few.

ProductionLine Testers, Inc.
ProductionLine Testers, Inc.
ProductionLine Testers, Inc.


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