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Prototype and Short run parts with short lead times. That is their mission. To "go the extra mile" is not a motto it is a way of life. Proshort will do all they can to meet your print specifications and meet your urgent delivery demands on quantities ranging from 5 to 50,000 pieces.

In this fast paced society of faxes, emails, and next day air deliveries, Proshort has found a need for prototype work and low-volume production runs requiring shorter and shorter lead times. They have structured their company around this need. They employ experienced tool and die makers and machinists who are self motivated to meet short lead time requirements while maintaining an emphasis on producing quality parts.

In addition, Proshort utilizes the latest software and manufacturing technologies to get your part from concept to a tangible part.

Laser Cutting

Proshort stocks many grades and thicknesses in order to meet customer delivery requirements. After laser cutting a part they can also perform secondary operations including bending, forming, countersinking, tapping, milling, PEM insertion, and welding.

Laser Cut Parts

Typical part descriptions include plates, bars, washers, rings, discs, brackets, mounting brackets, levers, shims, gussets, retainers, covers, arms, flanges, fixtures, hangers, wedges, yokes, stops, spacers, end caps, strips, enclosures, connectors, panels, braces, latches, trays, tabs, handles, guards, supports, shields and blanks.


Proshort uses three machines to do its stamping work. The type of stamping work that they do is called blanking. Part sizes are typically less than six inches in width and length depending on material thickness as their capability is limited by available press tonnage.

Custom License Plates

Made from 18 gauge stainless steel, Proshort offers custom designed license plates. Send them your design either by CAD drawing, jpg, bmp, or a word document.

Proshort Stamping Services, Inc.
Proshort Stamping Services, Inc.
Proshort Stamping Services, Inc.
Proshort Stamping Services, Inc.

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