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Category: Product Development Services
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At QTI Design & Prototype, they provide innovative solutions for mechanical design and product development. Their designers specialize in new product development from concept through production. Their strengths are in mechanical, systems, and industrial design for medical diagnostic equipment, network/server applications, and industrial applications. As a full-service design house, QTI Design & Prototype has resources for Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for thermal, fluid flow, or stress/strain analysis to further improve and verify the design.

The design engineering team assigned to your project will work with the product from concept through packaging. As a division of Quality Tool, a sheet metal and machining contract manufacturer, QTI Design & Prototype gives clients the ability to utilize their 85,000 square feet manufacturing facility for design for manufacturability (DFM) projects and quick-turn prototypes and also the option to transition the product into full-scale production. QTI Design & Prototype's efficient process results in an overall savings of time and cost and in-turn introduces the product to market faster.

QTI Design & Prototype's process allows for entrance at any stage of development or lets them complete the design from concept through production. By utilizing Quality Tool’s resources, they allow for concurrent engineering and thus decreasing total design hours and cost. The QTI Design team works directly with the manufacturing engineers to make all phases shorter. Fewer total engineering hours are required.

Contact QTI Design & Prototype for more information about how they can serve you and help bring your product to market faster.

Medical Diagnostic Equipment- DFM

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