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Category: Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence Software (EMI)
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Quantum Information Systems Solutions, Inc.

Q is defining the standards for next generation configurable/flexible Information Technology systems. They offer comprehensive services designed to support your IT initiative: IT consulting, engineered software solutions, project management, process analysis and ongoing project and product support. In every sector of the business world, manufacturing is being driven by constant change. And the only thing that can keep up with chaotic pace is technology. High-tech resources become a critical investment for your business because they hone your competitive edge. But can manufacturing keep up with technology?

Q is here to make sure you can. As complexity increases, they partner with you to make it as simple as possible for your employees. Therefore, you can invest in the technology, and processes you need, and still maintain the valuable knowledge base of the employees you have.

Q's methodology is proven to increase your flexibility and efficiency. It is your success that will continue to make them a leader in engineered software solutions.

Q is currently developing state-of-the-art Information Systems for the world's leaders in manufacturing systems technology.

Phoenix Information Systems
Quantum Information Systems Solutions, Inc.Quantum starts subsidiary company, Phoenix Information Systems.
Q-NET Report
Q-Net Report provides users with the ability to create custom reports easily and effectively, from any database management system via the internet.
A web-based product suite designed to collect, store, and report traceability data related to manufactured and/or assembled parts.
A web-based product for evaluating the versatility and competency of your work force (both hourly and salaried).
Grievance Systems Administrator
A labor tool developed for but not limited to client firms engaged in the COLLECTIVE BARGAINING process with their employees.
Web Design / Development
When you're ready to venture into the realm of the www, you can be confident that Q will exceed your expectations!

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